Salim Jiwa, Palmistry Consultant

You've got the whole world in your hands


HANDS - you work with them, but do you know the wealth of information they hold?

I am a palmist; I read from the lines in your hand. The way the lines are will enable me to explore the inner you.

I have been reading palms for a few years now. I meet lots of famous people with different talents and I have read the palms of both famous and infamous people.

I like to read from a print but a photocopy, scan or photograph is the second best; of course, face to face is best!

My office is at the address on the home page of this website. I can answer specific questions if you do not want your whole palm read.

I take about an hour to read your palm in detail, and I can send you a pen portrait if you wish by email or post. Please see the Example page on this website to see a real pen portrait.

British Astrological and Psychic Society Certificate of Competence