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The following courses are held on a regular basis for further information and bookings please telephone Azmina on 07958 373289.

1) Zest For Life

Zest For Life

Zest for Life is a programme that has been designed to gently take you by the hand on a journey of self-discovery from childhood to present moment and beyond to a fabulous future.

Zest for Life workshops present a great opportunity to revise dreams and ambitions, unlock your potential and inspire you to living the life you dream of!

Zest for Life is a fun and inspirational one-day personal development programme that will teach you how to take control of your life.

2) Fast Track Your Potential

Fast Track Tour Potential

Our Fastrack your Potential programme is an inspirational and intensive training programme that has been described as a nine-hour personal coaching experience taking delegates through an exciting programme of self-discovery, motivation, focus and change.

This unique and personal course enables individuals to rediscover life balance and revise their working life ambitions.

Fast Track is a one day programme that has been specifically designed to energise and empower all who embark on it.