Salim Jiwa, Palmistry Consultant

Your success lies in the palm of your hand

Example Pen Portrait


Mark is 36 years old. He is a typical Earth person. He likes people, is very ambitious, energetic, a go-ahead spirit, daring, and will be succesful in whatever he attempts in the course of his life. He has good management ability, is a good communicator, and can work with people well. He can command a group of people hence he will find people working for him. He has good financial sense and has a good business mind, with foresight in his work.

His work and hobbies will make him travel a lot and he may spend time away from home, but eventually will return home. An admirer of nature, beauty and art with a lot of imagination and a whorl on luna will bring him into contact with the acting world. A subjective personality which can make him too involved in life, this is certainly true in work and he is a career minded person. His ambition will give him a torch of fire to succeed in his field, which is art and nature and dealing with people. He has a great deal of affection for children and humanity, and he will get rewards from such areas.

His career will start well which will bring him success and recognition in the beginning. However the patch between 37 and 55 will be a difficult period for him. Financially from 55 years onwards he will have a lot of success and wealth. The seeds sown in life will pay off during this time, when he will make a good living from strength and experience he has gained in his life thus far.

Mark is a very emotional person and in his earlier life there was a great deal of influence from one person in his life. This influence gradually diminished in life, but the shadow of that person or another person will always be there with him. This could have lead him not to achieve as much as he should have. Although he wants to strive forward he is under confident at times, and seeks reassurance of close people near him. Such a person may not have the ambition and go ahead spirit like Mark and may advise him negatively. This will inhibit his maximum potential. His success increases greatly after 55 when he may be more confident and do things independently, which will bring him the best days of his life.

Mark's Pen Portrait

He marries at 27 years of age, he is a type of person who is passionate, highly sexed, romantic and emotional. This dogs him a lot in his life as he tends to get involved with people of the opposite sex very quickly. This may lead him to fall in and out of love. Although he is a good communicator workwise, he is not the same in matters of the heart. He will suffer emotional blockages in areas of romance. He can be totally submissive and jealous. His passion is extreme and he wants an idealistic partner. This eutopian idea will lead him to constant disappointment in matters of the heart and he will be constantly searching.

Mark will succeed most in acting, in television where he would be able to use his talent of art, imagination, beauty, good personality and working with people. He may take up writing at a later stage in his life, perhaps after 55, or he may direct and produce which will bring him rewards.