Salim Jiwa, Palmistry Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions which I can answer for you.

  1. Why do I have so many lines on my hands?
  2. My life line is short, does this mean I will have a short life?
  3. Will I emigrate?
  4. How will my Health be in the future?
  5. Will I do well at school?
  6. Have I chosen the right partner?
  7. How will my realtionship progress?
  8. Will I be unfaithful in my marriage?
  9. What type of career suits me the best?
  10. Do I have the makings of a writer?
  11. Why am I a perfectionist?
  12. Am I doing the right job?
  13. Should I change my job although I am not sure?
  14. Will I achieve my ambition?
  15. Will I succeed in business?
  16. Will I win the Lottery?
  17. Will I become famous?
  18. How can I improve my relationships?
  19. Can I save my marriage?
  20. Am I a sensual person?
  21. Am I person who is stressed?
  22. How can I help my mood swings?
  23. Am I religious?
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